Sunday, July 8, 2012

MANY AMAZING BOOKS are little known

Another amazing health book that I found out about recently is: "The Bible Cure For Cancer", by Don Colbert, M.D.  He gives natural remedies that been proven for centuries!  Available from  He has written several other VERY good health books also.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Here is an AMAZING book, "FORBIDDEN CURES Proven natural treatments the medical establishment won't let you have" by Dr. Benuamin Ross, from  Years ago there was an amazing book called, "FDA, Defender of the Public, or Public Enemy Number One".  Also, many yrs. ago Dr. Henry Byler wrote an amazing book called, "Food is Your Best Medicine". Dr. Bernard Jensen wrote several amazing health books including, "You Can Master Disease". Here is an AMAZING HEALTH WEBSITE:  Here is another:   

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Following are some amazing books (& websites) about health (WHY aren't at LEAST SOME, or why not all, of these books at least MENTIONED in schools-public & private)?  Remember that GOD's word says that HIS people are destroyed FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE(Hosea 4:6a)!  No wonder so many people are suffering & dying needlessly!     If one IS (or WANTS to be) a health-care professional, (or just to learn the details in these books for their own good-so they can learn HEALTH SECRETS), you NEED to get at LEAST a FEW of these for reference(google these books for details):  Doctor's Guide to Natural Medicine; How to Stay Out of the Doctor's Office; The Ultimate Healing System; Prescription for Drug Alternatives; Eat Right for Your Type; Prescription for Nutritional Healing; Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal; How to Get Well; How to Get Well, Juice Fasting; The Golden Seven Plus One; How to Stay Well, Despite the Health-Care System;  The Miracle of Fasting;  Food is Your Best Medicine; You Can Master Disease;   RACKEETERING IN MEDICINE; POLITICS IN HEALING; Death by Prescription; Death by Modern Medicine; & Nourishing Traditions.  I'm not SURE that all of these are still available.  More & more books are being banned!!!!!  To find MORE amazing information about health on a website, explore:, &  I might add more books & websites later.  Years ago I checked out an amazing health book from a public library called, "Take Charge of Your Health".  I googled it a little while ago & was amazed that I couldn't find ANYTHING about it!  Maybe someone(s) don't want us to??? SHARE THE GOOD NEWS!